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Ground penetrating radar survey

Combined Environmental Geophysical, Topographical and Terrestrial LiDAR Services

Applications include:

  • agricultural irrigation and drainage
  • archaeological and palaeo-environmental sites
  • depth to bedrock and overburden thickness
  • detecting karst and solution features, cavities and sinkholes
  • finding leaks and moisture within structures
  • geological mapping, stratigraphic investigation
  • groundwater supplies and drainage
  • hidden services, cellars, voids and shallow mine workings
  • historic gardens, landscapes and structures
  • locating concrete reinforcement, hidden flues and steelwork
  • mapping cemeteries, finding graves and vaults
  • peat and wetland hydrology, extent and thickness
  • topographic and landform mapping


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  • We are pleased to be supporting COST Action CA17131 The Soil Science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance: going beyond prospection
2D / 3D electrical resistivity tomography, electromagnetics, ground penetrating / wall probing radar, induced polarisation, magnetic susceptibility, MASW, micro-gravity, seismic reflection / refraction, terrestrial LiDAR, GNSS and total station topographic survey, total magnetic intensity

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