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Our Talented Team

Martin Roseveare MSc BSc(Hons) MEAGE FGS MCIfA

Director & Training Manager, Senior Geophysicist

Martin specialised (MSc) in geophysical prospection for shallow applications and since 1997 has worked in commercial geophysics. Elected a GeolSoc Fellow in 2009 he is now working towards achieving CSci. A member of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, he has served on the EuroGPR and CIfA GeoSIG committees and on the scientific committees of the 10th and 11th Archaeological Prospection conferences. He has reviewed papers for the EAGE Near Surface conference, was a technical reviewer of the Irish NRA geophysical guidance and is a founding member of the ISSGAP soils group. Professional interests include the application of geophysics to agriculture and the environment, e.g. groundwater and geohazards. He is also a software writer and equipment integrator with significant experience of embedded systems.

Anne Roseveare BEng(Hons) DIS MISoilSci

Operations & Safety Manager, Environmental Geophysicist

On looking beyond engineering, Anne turned her attention to environmental monitoring and geophysics. She is a Member of the British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) and has specific areas of interest in soil physics & hydrology, agricultural applications and industrial sites. Amongst other contributions to the archaeological geophysics sector over the last 18 years, Anne was the founding Editor of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP) and is a founding member of the ISSGAP soils group. Specifications, logistics, safety, data handling & analysis are integral parts of her work, though she is happily distracted by the possibilities of discovering lost cities, hillwalking and good food.

REC-L2+L3, IoSH Managing Safely

Jennifer Smith MSc

Fieldwork Manager, Environmental Geophysicist

Jen developed an interest in all aspects of topographical and geophysical survey whilst studying for a MSc in Archaeological Science at the University of Bristol. During her studies she obtained valuable experience in the use of and data analysis for various terrestrial geophysical techniques as well as develop her interest further by adding marine geophysical techniques to her working theoretical knowledge. She has worked as a near-surface geophysicist within archaeology for several years and has developed a good knowledge of UK geology. Outside of work, Jen is currently learning Java code but is easily distracted by keeping fit, exploring the world or some other hobby.


Daniel Lewis MA BA(Hons) ACIfA

Human Resources Manager, Consultant Archaeologist

Daniel studied archaeology at the University of Nottingham and worked in field archaeology for many years, managing urban and rural fieldwork projects in and around Herefordshire. When the desk became more appealing he jumped into the world of consulting, working on small and large multi-discipline projects throughout England and Wales. At the same time, he returned to University, gaining an MA in Historic Environment Conservation. With over 15 years' experience in the heritage sector, Daniel has a diverse portfolio of skills. Here he ensures that geophysical work within the heritage sector is well grounded in the archaeology. His spare time includes much running up mountains.

Alexandra Gerea MSc BSc, PhD Candidate

Environmental Geophysicist, Geophysical Processor & Analyst

Alexandra has a BSc in Geophysics and an MSc in Applied Geo-biology and started a PhD in the UK after living in Portugal for six months working on her master's degree. Since 2008 she has used most mainstream processing applications across electrical, magnetic and radar methods. She combines a love of nature and science and is currently studying plant roots in agricultural environments using geophysical methods. When not doing that she enjoys travelling, hiking, nature, yoga, books, foreign languages and cats. Two years ago she found a passion for electronics and started building different devices including intelligent gardening systems and coding in Python.

Luigi Benente MSc

Consultant Environmental Geophysicist

Luigi is an experienced geologist specialized in geophysics, who gained a blend of practical and technical experience within explorations carried out in Italy, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Nigeria. Resourceful and hardworking with a positive attitude in problem solving, he has the ability to lead a team through challenging tasks, organizing people and equipment in order to hit the goal in safety and with time conscious professionalism. He is attracted to discover hidden things within the earth and after celebrating with friends, good wine, good beer and lots of food he is able to repair most broken things...

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