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Renewable Energy - Solar PV and Micro-hydro

Cascading stream

Many alternative power schemes require a package of survey technqiues, especially topographic but also depth to bedrock and sometimes surveys to assess heritage assets. Our many years of experience allow us to combine these in fast and cost-effective bundles, e.g. undertaking topographic and geophysical work simultaneously. For large areas we have rapid ATV-based systems for data collection, providing high resolution data in a fraction of the time required for pedestrian survey.

Supporting solar PV schemes

Nearly all solar schemes require prior topographic survey and we can undertake this fast and efficiently. What is more, certain types of geophysical survey can be undertaken at the same time. So, for example, if your planning permission requires an archaeological assessment or measurement of the depth to bedrock we can undertake the appropriate geophysical survey simultaneously, minimising time on site and ensuring all your survey data is available as a single package.

A small PV installation in Cornwall. Photo. Andrew Hawkey
A typical smaller PV installation in Cornwall, helping offset the running costs of a farm and holiday accommodation. Photo: The Olde House

Supporting micro-hydro

Upland stream
An upland stream in an environment typical of low capacity micro-hydro schemes

TigerGeo can provide the detailed topographic information necessary for planning micro-hydro schemes. Many of these schemes are situated in environmentally protected areas, where disturbance needs to be minimised while maximising the potential of the scheme. For run-of-river projects we can also help with stream gauging and catchment modelling to support design and environmental assessment. We can also integrate this with diversion of existing land drainage to maximise flow or to help satisfy environmental constraints.

For schemes in rugged environments we can use a combination of topographic and geophysical techniques to optimise pipeline routing and weir location, minimising the amount of excavation or pipework required.

GNSS and total station topographic survey, terrestial LiDAR, 2D / 3D electrical resistivity tomography, seismic reflection / refraction

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